Who Are We ?

Compassion in Action, Creating Positive Changes, Making a difference, Saving lives and bringing Hope!

The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) is a not for profit, non-governmental charitable trust dedicated to serve humanity and reach out to break the cycle of hopelessness especially among underserved and the unserved. The foundation was created and established in partnership with likeminded and compassionate health and humanitarian services providers to deliver efficient and effective services to the community. The Foundation initiated in 1993 and registered as a non-profit charitable humanitarian Trust at the Sub Registrar of Trust-Societies, New Delhi. (Regd. No. 5866 Addl. Book No.4 Vol.3465 Page 126 -140 in 2009). The Touch of Hope Foundation is Tax Exempted Under Section 80 G (5) (vi), IT Act 1961 NQ. DIT (E) I 2012-13/DEL-TE23851 08052012/174 Dt.08/05/201. THF has a panel of Trustees, an advisory board of high profile and dedicated individuals national and international.  THF is deeply rooted in its understanding and knowledge of the need of the people. THF serves the community with likeminded professionals and organizations firmly believing that life is precious and people of all class, creed and culture deserve and equal opportunity to access quality care, education, living conditions and hope. THF committedly and passionately provide innovative, creative services, high quality medical and holistic care and support services, support educational services and humanitarian services delivered with compassion. THF makes positive differences, create new changes, save lives, give voice to the voiceless, build capacities and skills, enhance socio-economic status, improved quality of life, restore dignity, ensure a productive, secure healthier, sustainable and responsible lives. 

 Vision:  We envision health, healing and hope to all who needed it most delivered with compassion, loving-kindness, innovatively creative medical, educational and other community services, make positive difference, generate hope and improved the quality of many lives.

Mission: The Foundation is committed to advance the provision of innovative, practical and high quality healthcare services, build capacities and skills, education through creative hands on mentorship and trainings. Reach out, extend and ensure delivery of vital humanitarian support services with compassion, loving-kindness and empowering ventures to people in most need and particularly to those infected and affected by the epidemic of HIV.  Provide an avenue to generate better livelihood, a secure and healthier future especially for women, vulnerable children and other marginalized population who we come across in our lives.


A. THF HIVAIDS Projects:  THF managed highly complex HIVAIDS and public health programs in the North Eastern state of Manipur with strategic plans to expand and scale up its professional services to other states of India. THF currently operates Continuum of Comprehensive Care and Support services for people living with HIVAIDS – Currently serving over 1000 patients and reached out to over 3000 family members of PLHAs, in Lamka town, Churachandpur. The AIDS awareness campaign has reach out to over 250,000 people. THF operates the Center of Hope Clinic for medical treatment, HIV Testing, Counseling, Support Groups meetings, home based care and support, harm reduction services and conduct outreach, networking and linkages, ART treatment preparedness, HIV awareness training and public health education. THF in partnership with donors, other organizations will scale up services at the current site and expand to other sites within the state and to other states in the region such as Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam in the North East and Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan.  

B. THF Harm Reduction Projects: The Touch of Hope Foundation provided Harm Reduction services at its HIVAIDS North East India initiative project in Churachandpur Manipur where 60 to 70 percent of the patients with HIV are injecting drug users. Harm reduction services are to reduce the individual and social harms associated with drug use, especially the risk of HIV infection. THF seeks to lessen the problems associated with drug use and provide strategies to prevent the spread of HIV and endeavors to protect health, dignity, humanity and human rights of people who use drugs. THF provide access to services such as abscess management, and basic Harm Reduction services at the Center of Hope clinic in Manipur. The Harm reduction services are NSEP, running Drop in Centers (DIC), Education on oral substitution therapy (OST), drug awareness, HIV prevention, Hepatitis C education and advocacy. The program also has excellent referral systems with government healthcare services and buprenorphine (OST) programs. 

C. THF HOPE Projects: THF understanding the plight of children in 2010 initiated its Hope project the THF Educational Support for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children and provided support for schooling and other psychosocial support to children. The THF Abundant Life Project is started to generate income and livelihood support program for AIDS Widows and through these project empower them to enable them to have a quality of life with dignity. The small income generation, livelihood projects are animal farming project, bicycle project, handloom and handicrafts, micro loan for small business. THF is also setting up educational Scholarships. 

D: THF Initiatives: THF has taken up initiatives such as AIDS Care Physicians Alliances (ACPA), Consortium of HIVAIDS Treatment Providers, Football4Hope, Thinkinpositive4hope, AIDSRun4Hope, ART4Hope, Fight4Hope, Keep Hope Alive, Positive Link – Linking HIV positive people to support groups meetings, referrals and hospitals for positive living. Women Alive – a support group for women to address issues specific to women. Sustaining Hope – a social entrepreneurship initiative.  

E: THF Technical Resource, Education and Training (TREAT) THF under the TREAT program provide capacity and skill building trainings on HIVAIDS, Health systems and NGO management for local NGOs and CBOS. THF has been conducting regular training for Medical Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare providers and local PLHAs groups, patients and family members on HIV, infectious diseases, STI management, self care, nursing care, ART adherence, positive living, positive attitude and behavioral changes, basics and principles of harm reduction, Hepatitis C issues and treatment education. 

F: THF – Epidemiology, Clinical and Operational Research Project: THF under EpiCORP program has conducted research funded by Plan International (India Chapter) and NGO on Hidden cost of ARV drugs in 10 (Ten) States of India Viz. Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Manipur, Nagaland, Orissa, Maharashtra and Kerala. THF also undertaking studies on drug adherence, Vulnerability of Women and Children, Sexual health and drugs amongst the most at risk young population. THF is now developing various research projects and in negotiation for collaboration with various international NGOs and including UN agencies. The main mission of the EpiCORP is to conduct researches, which will be an instrument to better existing programs and an advocacy tool for excellence in healthcare delivery. 

CORE STRENGTHS: THF unique strength lies in a group of highly committed, passionate and well qualified healthcare and research professionals experienced in setting up program with excellent skills in client management with strong background in HIVAIDS, technical support, capacity, skill building and training, clinical mentorship, social and community medicine, harm reduction, program implementation, monitoring, epidemiological and social research. The Chief Executive Officer who is also head the technical and programmatic issues has over 25 years of experience in managing complex healthcare programs, designing programs, development strategize plans for implementation, establishing new projects, budgeting, technical trainings and capacity building, liaising and networking with government agencies, national and international organizations working in field of HIV and AIDS, Harm reduction services and public health in India and Asia Pacific region. He has written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures on NSEP and DIC for UNODC which are approved by the Government of India for use in the government harm reduction programs in India). He established and set up projects in states of India such as Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam. He managed HIV and AIDS and harm reduction program in Thailand China, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. 

The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) strength is in leveraging community support and strong capabilities and skills to network, negotiate and work with the community. The Founder President pioneered HIV and AIDS treatment services and advocacy 1990 in North Eastern India and has set up HIV programs, Harm Reduction services for IDUs such as Clinics, Crisis Care Shelters, SNEP, DIC, and outreach activities in early 1990 funded by international agency, established first HIV Clinic and Home Based AIDS Care program in Manipur; set up various NGOs, and the first HIV and AIDS specialty clinic, AIDS Care Home in Delhi in 1998, crisis care home for IVDUS co-infected with HIV and AIDS,  TB and Hepatitis C in Delhi. He has collaborated and assists in setting up various care programs in India. Actively advocate for the rights of PLHIVs and filed Public Interest litigation in the Supreme Court of India to ensure the rights to healthcare for PLHIVs. In collaboration with IGNOU successfully launch ‘HIV Medics’ program in India and with Quang Ninh Medical College in Viet Nam, collaborated with other universities on physician education on HIV, organize and promote CMEs working with pharmaceutical companies, ITECH, INGOs. Establish and set up over 30 ART centers in collaboration and partnership with governments and NGOs in seven countries in the Asia Pacific region, which currently benefits over 30,000 PLHIVs.

 THF is equipped with a core group of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research staff. These include people from various backgrounds including Community health, epidemiology, Social Sciences, Healthcare management. The faculty has enormous experience and understanding of quantitative and qualitative research and are experienced in conducting critical appraisal of case control, cohort, cross sectional studies and clinical trials.


THF Key competence: 

  • ♣ Experienced in the management of complex multinational, building and managing multidisciplinary team of highly skilled, competent, inspired and motivated team. Managed HIV healthcare projects in India and the Asia Pacific region, harm reduction program in India and Thailand. 


  • ♣ Design and develop health and social care programs, strategic planning, budgeting, controlling cost, oversee implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public health, HIV programs and strengthening of healthcare systems. Integrating care and support services, prevention and control through multidisciplinary approach. 
  • ♣ Technical expertise in clinical treatment and management of HIV and AIDS for adults and children, Drug detoxification, Harm reduction services for IDUS, STI management, Hepatitis C awareness generation, HIVTB and other co-infections, promotion of safe sex practices with multi sectoral collaborations. 
  • ♣ Technical capacity and skills to support ART roll out and scale up programs. Development of curriculum, training materials, conducting CMEs, Positive living trainings, internship programs, organizing  preceptorship trainings, conducting sensitization for reduction of HIV associated stigma and discrimination. 
  • ♣ THF provides excellent cross cultural communication and interactive skills and in creation and strengthening of networks and partnerships with health departments, public private collaborations, NGOs, CBOS, FBOs, INGOs and with major stakeholders. THF has strong proactive approach to challenges and advocacy. 

Partners: The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) believes task shifting, task sharing; understand the strength of partnership, collaboration, active networking and linkages. THF network and collaborate with highly professionals, transparent, organization and partnered with: Assistance for Health, Education and Development (AHEAD), Antardhwani, Aai Paratisthan, Agency for Community Care and Development (ACCAD), Alpha and Omega, All Manipur Positive Womens Network, Beam Life Foundation, Delhi Network of Positive People, Consortium of Positive People Churachandpur, Freak Fighters Wrestling (FFW), Confederation of Community Base Organizations (CCBOS), Gan Sabra, Human Touch, Hope Foundation, Happiness Home, Happy Heart School, International Confederation of NGOs (ICONGO), IHA Medical and Social Foundation, MPLAS, New Delhi United Football Club, North East Odyssey, Leh Leh Sports, New Delhi United Football Club, Love Life Society, Positive People Alliance, Sharan Nepal, The Suryaa, SAB Miller India, South African High Commission, New Delhi, The Earth Saviours Foundation, Yellow Clinic, Y.P.Foundation, other NGOs and foundations. 











INVOLVED with us as donors, volunteers connect with us. Your simple act of kindness can save lives and bring someone hope that change their lives forever. Make all checks drafts payable to:  “The Touch of Hope Foundation”. Donations may be mailed to the Administrative office. The Touch of Hope Foundation is a registered non-profit Charitable Trust. Registered at Office Sub Registrars of Trust New Delhi Registration. No. 5866. Donations to The Touch of Hope Foundation are Tax Exempted Under Section 80 G (5) (vi), IT Act 1961 NQ. DIT (E) I 2012-13/DEL-TE23851 08052012/174 Dt.08/05/201



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